Congratulations to all Soyulla Showcase 2019 participants!

Congratulations to all students who took part in our annual Soyulla Showcase on June 2, 2019! The Soyulla Showcase is the highlight of our year and we were thrilled to see so many new students debuting for the first time as well as a large number of our beloved veterans at this year's showcase. Please stay tuned for pictures from the showcase coming soon soon. In the meantime, check out the highlights from our 2018 annual Soyulla Showcase by visiting our gallery here and checking us out on Facebook here!  While there, don't forget to "Like" us in order to follow the latest news and updates. 


15 Questions with Soyulla founder, Jae M. Shin


Q: Did you pursue music after that?


A: Yes, I just had this feeling that singing was what I was meant to do.  When I shared this with my mother, she said that the only way she would support my decision to pursue music is if I got into Juilliard. So, at the age of 20, I took a year off college and prepared for an audition of a lifetime. It seems pretty unbelievable now, but my determination and hard work must have paid off because the following year I got accepted and began my studies at Juilliard...




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Q: Where does your love of music come from?


A: My love of music started in college. I was a fairly unhappy science major at Northwestern University when a music teacher I knew suggested that I try taking voice lessons. Discovering my singing voice ended up completely transforming my life. It gave me confidence, a sense of direction and showed me the true meaning of passion. To this day, I feel that I owe the best aspects of my life and character to music.  






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Soyulla Artists offers weekly private lessons to students of all ages and experience levels. Lessons may be taken at teaching studios or in students' homes, and are available in many instrumental and vocal disciplines. 

music classes, kids, group, school, afterschool, assembly, party

Soyulla Center Stage offers fun, interactive programs in music to children of all ages. Our hands-on, exploratory sessions are perfect for afterschool programs, school assemblies, summer camps, and even birthday parties!

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Soyulla Stars are world-class musicians ready to perform at your next party, wedding, or any other social event in the NYC area. We can provide music in a variety of genres and styles, and will tailor any performance to match your needs. Soyulla Stars are an exclusive member of the Grace Ormonde Platinum List of the elite Wedding Style Magazine.


At a recent Soyulla Showcase, students and parents talk about why they choose to study at Soyulla.

Meet Miles McCain, Soyulla's Student of the Month! 


For more info about studying at Soyulla, and to enroll, visit our Lessons page.

A longtime Soyulla Stars client describes why she hires our musicians for dinner parties, holiday church services, Christmas pageants, and more.  Visit for more info.

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