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Brandon S.

Guitar, Banjo

Described by Spin Magazine as “An apocalyptic, supersonic general of the banjo…” Brandon has made a name for himself in the New York avant-garde music scene as an explosive guitar and banjo performer, relentlessly committed to immediacy and precision.


Brandon studied guitar and banjo at the New England Conservatory in Boston. He has since performed extensively in North and South America, Mexico and Europe, as a solo artist, bandleader and collaborator. He has been profiled by the Wall St. Journal, New York Times, NPR and the Fretboard Journal. He has been summoned by the likes of Anthony Braxton, Elliott Sharp, and Joey Arias for his unpredictably spiked approach to improvisation and impeccable caterwauling. Seabrook leads a band Power Plant, which blends the energy of punk-rock with the intricate execution of through-composed avant-jazz. The band has released two albums to much critical acclaim. Time Out New York praised the band’s eponymous debut as “not only one of the most baffling experimental releases of the year… also one of the best.” Beyond his endeavors with Seabrook Power Plant, Brandon is an accomplished solo artist, having been named Best Guitarist 2012 in New York City by the Village Voice. In 2014, New Atlantis Records released his first solo album titled Sylphid Vitalizers. Noisey called the album a “dissonant guitar army…(with) mind-blowing prog-rock complexities – all at mind-numbing breakneck speed.” Brandon will release two new albums in 2017.


Brandon’s teaching philosophy focuses on building a solid foundation in technique and theory that will enable students to develop a broad repertoire of songs and unique sounds. Brandon has taught many styles including jazz, rock, blues, improvisation and metal. Brandon is also an accomplished tenor banjoist specializing in early jazz and ragtime music of the 1920’s and 30’s.

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