"How about you?"

Clark B.

Voice and Piano

Genres; Classical, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Musical Theater

Having grown up in a family of music teachers and performers, Clark has been singing and playing piano for about as long as he can remember. From The Beach Boys to Bach to Bill Evans, he's passionate about music of all styles, and he applies that passion to all components of his music engagement - performing, composing, listening, and educating.


A graduate of the University of Michigan School of Music in Ann Arbor, Clark has worked in New York City for 6 years as a freelance musician. He's had the pleasure of working with a multitude of talented artists, including Darren Criss, Anthony Rapp, Vulfpeck, and Charlene Kaye. He is a frequent music director and composer for the online theater group Team StarKid, having worked with them on 7 stage musicals and 2 national tours. Highlights with StarKid include a sold-out show at Roseland Ballroom, several performances overseas, and a soundtrack charting at #1 on the Top Cast Albums Billboard. Clark is also one half of the Brooklyn-based songwriting duo TalkFine, which was named 1 of 9 Brooklyn band's to watch by Harper's BAZAAR and whose music has been written up in Slate, The AV Club, Nerdist, Mashable, OUT Magazine, and more. Most recently TalkFine and StarKid teamed up to produce Movies, Musicals, & Me, a weekly musical web series on YouTube.


When it comes to teaching, Clark believes in following the student's interests, whether that be a particular musical style, a particular artist, or even just a particular song. Every student has a different approach to music lessons, and he tries to adapt his teaching to accommodate that. No matter what, a student should always be able to remember what they enjoy about music, and why they want to keep working to improve.



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