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Lenny W.

Piano, Voice

Genres: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Funk

Lenny Weissman is a pianist, educator, vocalist, and songwriter as well as a Native New Yorker. He received his Bachelor’s in Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music, where he extensively studied piano techniques for genres ranging from classical and jazz to reggae, rock and funk. He has played several gigs as a pianist and organist in Berklee’s Bob Marley Ensemble as well as several other groups outside of the program. He also formed his own band and wrote and recorded several tracks available on his website. 

Lenny believes that the act of learning music is similar to that of learning a new board game. It can be done through visual cues, verbal instruction, or kinesthetic application, and is always a fun experience! More often than not, the process involves a combination of all three. Therefore, students need to be given the tools early on in order to find success, as well as experience the ever-present joy and curiosity that is central to learning music.

Lessons are customized to your skills and goals.  Enjoyment is as important as learning.
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