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Tim F.


Genres: Classical, Jazz, Pop and Rock


Tim Fenton-Edwards is a dedicated multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, New York. In
addition to a Master of Music from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Music
from Oberlin Conservatory, Tim has 8 years of diverse teaching experience in piano, guitar, and
bass at colleges, high schools, middle schools, private studios, and his own personal studio.

Tim is passionate about making music education enjoyable while instilling a strong foundation in
his students. He has worked with students as young as 4 to as old as 80 and strives to tailor his
teaching approach to each student's goals and learning styles. He has prepared students for
recitals and juries as well as auditions for USC and UCLA.

Known for his versatile style, he seamlessly navigates between jazz, pop, and R&B genres,
making him a sought-after musician in the industry. Tim's exceptional bass playing has allowed
him to perform at prestigious venues such as the historic Catalina’s Jazz Club and Capitol
Records in LA.


His compositions, which blend traditional jazz elements with contemporary
influences, have earned him recognition as a finalist in the ASCAP Young Jazz Composers
Award. Tim has played with esteemed artists including Peter Erskine and Eddie Henderson, as
well as various pop and R&B musicians. With deep gratitude for the opportunities he has
received, Tim Fenton-Edwards humbly pushes the boundaries of multiple genres, continually
seeking to inspire and create impactful music.

Our teachers travel to New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island, NJ, CT, LI
Soyulla teaches and performs in New York City, NYC, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Tribeca, SoHo, UWS, UES, Brooklyn, Queens
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