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Marc T_

Marc T.


Genres: Classical

Teaches in: English/French/Russian

Marc is a French cellist and a member of the American String Quartet. He received his Bachelor of Music degree from the Royal Academy of Music, where he graduated with honors.


Marc speaks and teaches fluently in English, French and Russian. He is a multifaceted-musician and involved in numerous chamber and solo projects, all over the globe. Marc has even taken part in several competitions where he won prizes. These competitions include: The International Competition of the CRR of Paris, the “Flame” competition, the Leopold Bellan International Cello Competition in Russia and the S. Knushevitsky International Cello Competition.


Marc has performed several concerts with fantastic musicians and prestigious ensembles, like the Merkin Concert Hall in the Kaufman Center; Salle Cortot in Paris, the Concert Hall of the Saratov's Conservatory in Russia, and the Russian Cultural Center's Auditorium of Paris and London.

Marc is a well-seasoned, veteran cello teacher with almost a decade of teaching experience. He adapts his methods to cater to each of his students' needs and goals. Marc enjoys working with students of all levels and ages, from young children to adults. He has previously taught cello in France and in England and now he is very excited to be teaching in New York City. Not only does Marc teach private cello lessons but he also coaches chamber music.

Our teachers travel to New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island, NJ, CT, LI
Soyulla teaches and performs in New York City, NYC, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Tribeca, SoHo, UWS, UES, Brooklyn, Queens
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