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Vivek M.


Genres: Classical, Jazz, Pop, Contemporary

Teaches in English

Vivek is a violinist, teacher, and session musician based in New York City.


Vivek has been playing violin since the age of 3, and has extensive performance experience in several styles of music from Classical to Jazz to experimental music. Over the course of his studies and performance career, Vivek has worked with artists including Ray Chen, Jennifer Koh, and the Kronos and Emerson string quartets. He is a founding member and violinist of free improvised ensemble Dot Iso (with percussionist Orchid McRae and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Delgiudice) as well as a member of avant-garde quartet orchiddBB (alongside Orchid McRae, bassist Mario
Fontes and soprano vocalist Jennifer Sapiro).


Vivek is an accomplished session musician and songwriter, and has written and recorded material with artists such as Iglooghost and Daedelus. He holds a bachelor’s degree from UNC Chapel Hill and a master’s degree from MannesSchool of Music. He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in violin performance at StonyBrook University, where he studies with Emerson Quartet violinist Phil Setzer.


As a teacher, Vivek pulls from methodologies such as the Suzuki method and the Mimi Zweig pedagogy method, while also tailoring each lesson to the interests and needs of the individual student. Vivek has experiencing teaching in all styles of music and seeks to help his students discover their own capacity for artistic expression. He prioritizes a strong technical foundation while cultivating each student’s unique musical voice.

Our teachers travel to New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island, NJ, CT, LI
Soyulla teaches and performs in New York City, NYC, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Tribeca, SoHo, UWS, UES, Brooklyn, Queens
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